Graded on June 7th, 2020

I graded the website on Sunday 7th of June 2020 and scored speed at 82 out of 100, mobile at out of 100, accessibility at 81 out of 100, search at 4 out of 100, readability at 56 out of 100, and technology at 3 out of 100. This resulted in an overall score of 45 out of 100.

Rob Gowans, Founder WebsiteGrader.Org

Score Grade Notes
80 to 100 Excellent Website perfoming exceptionally well
60 to 80 Good Website perfoming fairly well
40 to 60 Acceptable Website has some issues
20 to 40 Marginal Website has many issues
0 to 20 Poor Website has severe issues


You have 2.7 seconds to grab the attention of your target audience. The best websites achieve this with a unique brand identity, strong visuals, and a clear message. I analyzed a screenshot of the home page of and was able to detect the following primary visual themes:

Colors evoke feelings and choosing the right website color scheme can help build your brand and connect with your target audience. I analyzed the above screenshot of the home page and detected the following website color scheme.


A slow website reflects poorly on any business with the majority of people expecting a page to load in less than two seconds and Google now taking website speed into account for search result rankings. I've measured the overall speed of and it scored 82 out of 100.

Score Grade Notes
80 to 100 Very Fast Website perfoming exceptionally well
60 to 80 Fast Website perfoming fairly well
40 to 60 OK Website has some performance issues
20 to 40 Slow Website has many performance issues
0 to 20 Very slow Website has severe performance issues
Page Size measures the total size of the home page of in Megabytes (MB) including both code and images. The larger the page size the longer it will take to download for the visitor. A page size under 3 MB is nice and lean, whereas a page size over 10 MB may need optimization.
Load Time measures how long it takes for the home page of to load in seconds. A load time of below 3 seconds is very good, whereas a load time between 3 and 8 seconds should probably be investigated, and a load time of above 8 seconds needs urgent attention.


Websites are being accessed more and more on mobile devices, so you need to make sure that your website is mobile friendly so that visitors have a good experience on mobile devices such as tablets, or smartphones. I've measured the mobile friendliness of and it scored out of 100.

Sorry, I was unable to measure a mobile score.
Score Grade Notes
95 to 100 Excellent Website has few mobile usability issues
80 to 95 OK Website has some mobile usability issues
40 to 60 Poor Website has many mobile usability issues
20 to 40 Very Poor Website has severe mobile usability issues
0 to 20 Terrible Website has extreme mobile usability issues


Many websites are developed with accessibility barriers that make them difficult or even impossible for visually impaired and other disabled visitors to use. I've measured the accessibility of and it scored 81 out of 100.

Score Grade Notes
80 to 100 Excellent Website has few accessibility issues
60 to 80 OK Website has some accessibility issues
40 to 60 Poor Website has many accessibility issues
20 to 40 Very Poor Website has severe accessibility issues
0 to 20 Terrible Website has extreme accessibility issues


People search on Google every day to help them find whatever they are looking for, but how do you encourage Google to display your website in search results ahead of your competitors? I've measured the search ranking potential of and it scored 4 out of 100.

Visitors estimates how many people are visiting after searching on Google. Organic visitors are people visiting after clicking on non-paid Google search results, whilst paid visitors are people visiting after clicking on paid search ads in Google search results.
Sorry, I was unable to estimate visitors.
Links are one of the top factors Google uses in its organic search results ranking algorithm. However not all links are created equal. The chart below shows the number of "follow" links to which can influence Google search rankings, as well as "no follow" links which don't.


Readability is the ease with which a visitor can understand the written text on your website. If your website content isn’t easily readable, no amount of clever words will get your message across. I've measured the readability of and it scored 56 out of 100.

Score Education Notes
90 to 100 5th Grade Very easy to read
80 to 90 6th Grade Easy to read
70 to 80 7th Grade Fairly easy to read
60 to 70 9th Grade Plain english
50 to 60 12th Grade Fairly difficult to read
30 to 50 College Undergraduate Difficult to read
0 to 30 College Graduate Very difficult to read
Gobbledygook is language that is meaningless or is made unintelligible by excessive use of technical terms. This chart uses the Simple Measure of Gobbledygook (SMOG) to estimate the years of education a person needs to understand the text on
Wordiness can help indicate how easy is to understand by measuring the number of words per sentence. When average sentence length is under 15 words people understand over 90% of what they’re reading. Conversely, sentences longer than 25 words aren't very easy to understand.


Choosing the right technology to power your website can often mean the difference between staying one step ahead of your competition or falling behind in the race to engage with customers online. I've analyzed the technology of and it scored 3 out of 100.

Score Grade Notes
80 to 100 Exceptional Exceptional use of website technology
60 to 80 Superior Superior use of website technology
40 to 60 Advanced Advanced use of website technology
20 to 40 Moderate Moderate use of website technology
10 to 20 Basic Basic use of website technology
The table below shows the technologies I was able to discover on I scanned for 200+ popular website technologies in categories including analytics, marketing automation, content management, advertising, video platforms, content distribution networks and many more.