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I've measured the speed of www.booking.com.

It scored 70 out of 100.

A higher score indicates a faster website as shown in the table below.

Score Grade Notes
85 to 100 Fast Website perfoming well.
50 to 85 OK Website has some performance issues.
25 to 50 Poor Website has many performance issues.
0 to 25 Very poor Website has severe performance issues.

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I've checked how well www.booking.com works on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

It scored 98 out of 100.

A higher score indicates a more mobile friendly website.

Score Grade Notes
85 to 100 Good Website has good mobile usability.
50 to 85 Poor Website has mobile usability issues.
25 to 50 Very Poor Website has many mobile usability issues.
0 to 25 Terrible Website has severe mobile usability issues.

With more and more people accessing websites via mobile devices, it is important to make sure that all website visitors have a positive experience, regardless of the type of device they're using.

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Domain Authority predicts how well a website will rank on search engines and is provided by Moz.

I've analyzed how well www.booking.com is likely to rank on search engines like Google.

It scored 93 out of 100.

A higher score indicates better search ranking potential.

Score Grade Notes
75 to 100 Powerhouse Excellent search ranking potential.
50 to 75 Strong Website has strong search ranking potential.
25 to 50 Moderate Website has some search ranking potential.
0 to 25 Weak Website has low search ranking potential.

The score for www.booking.com combines a range of search metrics (total links, linking domains, site rank, site trust, etc.) into a single score called Domain Authority.

You can use Domain Authority when comparing one website to another or tracking the 'search strength' of a website over time.

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Klout Score is a social influence scoring system that assigns scores to 750 million users across 9 different social networks on a daily basis.

I've attempted to gauge the social influence of www.booking.com.

It scored 79 out of 100.

A higher score indicates more social influence.

I've also checked for social network accounts related to www.booking.com:

  Social Network Account
Twitter https://twitter.com/bookingcom
Facebook http://facebook.com/crystalhotelscomtr
LinkedIn http://linkedin.com/company/booking.com
Google https://plus.google.com/105443419075154950489
Pinterest http://pinterest.com/bookingdotcom
Instagram http://instagram.com/bookingcom
YouTube http://youtube.com/user/crystalhotelsturkey

You can increase your social influence by engaging with people and sharing valuable know-how and content across these social networks.

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I've analyzed the readability of the www.booking.com home page.

It scored 53 out of 100.

A higher score indicates a website that is easier to read.

Score School Level Notes
90 to 100 5th grade Very easy to read.
80 to 90 6th grade Easy to read.
70 to 80 7th grade Fairly easy to read.
60 to 70 8th to 9th grade Plain english.
50 to 60 10th to 12th grade Fairly difficult to read.
30 to 50 College Difficult to read.
0 to 30 College Graduate Very difficult to read.

A website intended for a general audience should aim for a score of around 60 or above.

However, every website is different, so aim for a score that helps you create content that meets your target audience's unique needs.

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I've checked if www.booking.com provides SSL security.

It looks like it does.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a website and a visitor.

This encrypted link ensures that all data passed between the website and visitor remains private and protected.

To provide SSL security you'll need a certificate from a provider such as:

Provider Cost Notes
Let's Encrypt Free Non-profit certificate provider.
GoDaddy From $69/yr Low cost certificate provider.
Digicert From $175/yr Mid-price certificate provider.
Symantec From $399/yr Premium price trusted brand.

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I've checked if www.booking.com uses Marketing Automation.

It looks like it is using HubSpot.

Marketing automation helps organizations connect with their customers, learn more about them, and engage them with personalized campaigns.

There are a wide range of marketing automation tools available, here are some of my favorites:

Tool Cost Notes
MailChimp From $10/mo Basic marketing automation.
Drip From $49/mo For smaller organizations.
HubSpot From $200/mo For small to medium organizations.
Marketo From $895/mo For medium to large organizations.
Pardot From $1,000/mo For organizations using Salesforce.com.

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I've checked if www.booking.com uses Google Analytics.

It looks like it does.

Google Analytics is a great tool for tracking and reporting website traffic, however there are many more tools that help improve websites.

Here are some of my favorite analytical tools:

Tool Cost Notes
Zarget From $15/mo Heatmaps, split testing and more.
Hotjar From $49/mo Heatmaps, visitor recordings and more.
UsabilityHub From $0/mo Get feedback from real people.
Segment From $100/mo Powerful customer data analytics.
VWO From $59/mo Split testing and experimentation.
Optimizely Contact Sales Premium testing and experimentation.

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I've checked if www.booking.com uses a CDN.

It looks like it does.

A Content Delivery Network or CDN is a global distribution system that delivers website content to visitors based on their geographic location.

Basically a CDN is great way to improve website performance.

There are a wide range of CDN providers, here are some of my favorites:

Tool Cost Notes
Cloudfare From $0/mo Great free plan for trying a CDN.
MaxCDN From $9/mo CDN with easy WordPress integration.
CloudFront Per GB/varies CDN from Amazon Web Services.
Akamai Contact sales Premium CDN provider.

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